I am a photographer , an artist , a bookmaker, an educator and an explorer so far. After living in the UK & USA for the past few years and traveling all over… I decided to move back home (Lahore – Pakistan) to establish an art and design research studio and to be with my amazing parents.

I am drawn to structure, systems, looking into and upwards at things, objects, or landscapes. The relationship between the created structure of a system and the point at which it collapses in my process is highly important to me. The starting point for my work is either intuitive, or it begins with a scientific, or logical inquiry, and goes through many investigational processes, eventually unfolding into something that informs ways of seeing and perceiving. The works are about pushing a photograph in a created structured system up to a brink where it breaks and give elements to work with. At times the elements are enough but occasionally they need to be intervened with in order for the image to be resolved.

I believe, I am trying to understand photography in the context of taking a photograph in today’s world with still being in touch with artists like Agnes Martin, Theo Van Doesburg and mathematician Bénoit Mandelbrot to name a few. These artists works and particularly their  writings inform my practice in a very spiritual way though calling it that seems limiting.

They are underlying interests in perception, technology, neuroscience, autism and systems in all the series and books I have made so far…

In nut shell: I love what I do & I work my ass off to achieve what I want.